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What is fishing cage?

2018-11-24 15:10:44

Fishing cage originated in Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia in the late 19th century and later spread to all parts of the world. In the 1970s, China began cage culture. Because cage culture has the characteristics of low investment, high output, maneuverability and quick effect, lakes and reservoirs all over the country have flourished in just a few decades.

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Cage overall structure editing
Frame part
In the previous cages, only the net was floated in the water with a float and a sinker, and suspended in the water. This simple cage is not used now. With the development of the times, today's cage practices are different, and some are made into a hexahedron frame, which can be made of metal, wood or bamboo. After the installation of the whole frame, the ability to resist wind and waves in the water is strong, such as lack of oxygen in the box, and the overall movement of the cage is very convenient. It is also very convenient to use the sun drying net to eliminate the attachments, but it is troublesome to carry. The cage frame also has only a flat box, and is equipped with a float and a sinker to suspend the net in the water. This kind of cage drying net is very simple, and the handling is very simple.
Net section
Net clothing mesh skirt, net bottom, net cover and feeding channel. Nowadays, according to the habits of some fishes who like to eat more in quiet and dark places, some nets are covered with a top cover. There are many ways to make nets: square, octagonal, hexagonal, and the largest capacity is a round cage. The method of making the net is to first make the shape of the net bottom, such as rectangular, round, octagonal or hexagonal, and then surround the net skirt, the box is successful. The feeding channel has two functions: 1 feeding; 2 net cover prevents the fish from running away. The bottom of most cages is the bottom tray, which is to prevent the loss of bait.
The float acts as a floating cage. There are also small cages with floats, which are only inserted into the mud with bamboo or cement columns.
Shen Zi and Laso
It acts as a straightening cage and a fixed cage.


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