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Use plastic to splicing the floating dock, not afraid of big waves, but also open a restaurant on it.

2018-12-07 18:09:23

With the continuous advancement of technology, the traditional way of construction is constantly being subverted. In the past we knew that the construction of the seaside pier was usually built of cement or wood. Have you heard of plastic floating dock? It's actually a modular floating system that stitches out any shape you want.



Load capacity Surface slip can withstand 272 kg per square meter. Because of these two special features, the use is by no means a simple limitation in making floating docks. For example, the little friends who like to surf at the seaside can use the plastic module to install it into a sea road. On the sea where the waves are turning, you can also experience the feeling of floating on the water. At the same time, it can also be combined at sea to form a floating bridge deck that connects to the sea farther. Enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by the sea.

If it is a temporary airport stop, it is also a very good choice. With three or five friends, build a temporary swimming pool by the sea and have fun in it. Or the merchant uses the floating nature of plastic. To make a floating dining environment, it is also a tourist who can attract large movies. So, as long as you can think of the combination, you can do it.


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