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Tunxi xin 'an river built the first floating swimming pool

2019-01-23 16:01:02

        There has been a suggestion of swimming enthusiasts, find a safe area open to the public swimming, pro-water bar.After all, it's human nature to love water, and it's really hard to play in it by chance.Tunxi xin 'an river built the first floating swimming pool.

        In order to create a safe public swimming place for swimming enthusiasts, tunxi district built the first floating swimming pool project in the first section of xinan river in the central city through investigation and feasibility analysis.The floating swimming pool has a floor area of 1,176 square meters, and has built one pool for people and one pool for children.


       Shore will also be equipped with a mobile public toilet, shower room.The generated soapy water and sewage will be collected and connected to the municipal sewage pipe network for harmless treatment to protect the water environment of xin 'an river.The sports department proposed to increase the number of safety handrails and solar lamps, as well as the number of lifesaving facilities such as life preservers, life poles and rescue platforms.

       After completion, the floating swimming pool for adults will be 50 meters long, 21 meters wide and 1.3 meters deep, with a plane size similar to that of the international standard swimming pool.The pool is 21 meters long, 6 meters wide and 0.6 meters deep.It will be free of charge for a long time after completion, but the number of swimmers will be controlled in accordance with the regulations on per capita swimming area.

      Some places are hundreds of meters wide during flood season.In summer, people often go swimming in the river. The water depth is wide and the water is complex. Although swimming is strictly prohibited and there are signs everywhere, almost every year drownings occur.

      In order to eliminate potential safety hazards as far as possible and provide safe public places for swimming enthusiasts, tunxi urban construction investment decided to invest in the construction of floating swimming pools according to the instructions of tunxi district committee and district government through investigation and feasibility analysis.

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