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On the development potential of the yacht industry in China

2018-10-13 14:14:45

In the past ten years, yachts that have been regarded as extreme luxury goods have slowly retreated into a superb aura and evolved into a casual lifestyle that combines multiple industries!

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According to statistics, in the developed countries of the world, every 171 people own a yacht. In Norway and New Zealand, the per capita possession of yachts is 1/8; in the United States, the ratio is 1/14; even in Switzerland, the ratio Also up to 1/69. At present, the annual consumption of yachts in the world is as high as 40 billion US dollars. If the related maintenance, management, entertainment and other expenses are added, the annual economic income of yachts in the world exceeds 50 billion US dollars. In the current world ship market, only one yacht is sold annually. The amount is as much as more than 200 billion US dollars.
The relevant senior officials of the National Tourism Administration have repeatedly stressed this year that cruise tourism, including yachts, is an important part of the 21st century national marine strategy and a new form of tourism industry. At present, yacht bases have been built in cities such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou and Sanya, and yacht tourism is developing rapidly.

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However, the author believes that mainland yacht buyers are mainly large groups or individuals with business backgrounds, mainly used to entertain business partners, and also need time to form a "yacht culture" in the European and American markets. Another stage of the development of the yacht industry - entertaining family and friends, purely enjoy the pleasure of sailing at sea. These are not yet formed in the mainland market.
Different from the general luxury consumption, choosing a quality brand is only the first step of yacht consumption. The supporting service is often the more important aspect of the use process. At the same time, China's richest people also pay special attention to the corresponding supporting services provided by yacht suppliers, and hope that they can provide one-stop service to solve the troubles of their purchase and use. Zhejiang Zhongya Industrial Co., Ltd., as an auxiliary service for the yacht industry, will fully cooperate with the development of the Chinese yacht industry!
PS: The yacht industry will gradually become civilian in the future. More and more real estate developers, under the diversified development ideas, will add yacht entertainment to it! Not long after, I believe that when users buy a house, small yachts will be implemented like cars to every household.

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