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Italy's giant Floating Jetty, about 3,000 meters long, can accommodate 10,000 people "walking on water"!

2019-01-17 10:56:53

           Italian giant Floating Jetty, total length of about 3000 meters, can accommodate 10000 people "walk on water", in most people's impression, wharf generally built in the sea, walking for tourists on the ships, and cargo handling, used and the pier, presented today in Italy's plug on the lake, it is designed by artists christo, unlike other terminal design style, but it stands on the lake, built around a few Bridges, total length of 3000 meters.

          In order to make the look floating Jetty more beautiful, people also specially to bridge put on new clothes, yellow cloth wrapped around it, from a distance, the golden bridge deck with clear lakes, give a person a kind of very beautiful enjoyment on the vision, and when you walk on the deck, can realize the martial arts novels "flying home-sick once more for" feeling, just don't be so magic!

          The building material of the bridge is made of the latest black technology and the high-density polyethylene cube. More than 200,000 pieces are used in total, which is very beautiful on the surface of the lake.B: of course not. It's made of high density polyethylene resin. It has excellent buoyancy and water resistance.

          In addition, on the surface of the floating block also do the nonskid treatment, even when you are on the run, also won't have the risk of slips, use it to build a bridge that is to let a person is relaxed, because the floating on the surface, it also will be affected by certain limit bearing capacity, one can only bear the weight of 11000 people, however, in the first day of the opening, the island to visit as many as 55000 visitors, suction gold index is very high, however, for the bridge bearing capacity and the reason for the islands and other aspects, the staff have to repatriate most of the tourists, many tourists are deeply helpless!

         So, Guys, do you want to see a floating Jetty?

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