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Introduction, characteristics and value of plastic buoys

2019-02-13 16:19:37

Introduction to the float:

Because of its good impact resistance, performance and reasonable price, the float has gradually become popular in China. The most important thing is that it is harmless to the environment and basically requires no maintenance. Whether it is deep water shallow water, moving water still water, salt water fresh water, frozen water hot water, clean water sewage, almost as long as there is water, the float can make the best use of it. The various products of the pontoon are infinitely variable, freely combined into various shapes, simple and quick to install and disassemble, harmless to the environment, light, stable and safe, 100% maintenance-free.

A closed metal cylinder floating on the water, the lower part is fixed with an iron anchor, used to tie a ship or to make a navigation mark. In addition, there is a new type of buoy which is made of strong polymer polyethylene and other materials. It has good weather resistance and impact resistance, and can resist ultraviolet, antifreeze and anti-seawater chemical oil stains. It can automatically rise and fall as the tide rises and falls. It is widely used in the construction of floating platform projects such as pontoons and floating docks.



Buoy characteristics and value:

1. Safe and stable: The surface of the engineering pontoon is non-slip, which saves people from the common dangers of ordinary wooden facilities.

2, high bearing capacity: can carry 350kg weight per square meter.

3. Years of use: 15 years.

4, multi-purpose: can be widely used in various fields.

5, economical: less maintenance and repair costs.

6, easy to detach: can be quickly and easily installed and removed?

7, strong tolerance: anti-UV, anti-sea water, anti-freeze, chemical agents, oil stains and other intrusions.

8, maneuverability: can be changed as needed, combined into any size and any structure of the facility.

1 Water carrying capacity: 370 kg / square meter / 4 floats. (Float specification: 50*50*40cm/standard weight 7kg or more)

2 withstand the tension: 1.8 tons to 2 tons. (with the pulling force of the pontoon diagonal ear test)

3 resistant to general acid and alkali, solar UV irradiation.

4 Maximum temperature resistance: high temperature 190 ° C, low temperature -50 ° C.

5 Environmentally friendly materials do not produce toxic chemicals (such as Dioxin).

6 Normal use (no external force, special stab, cut) can withstand more than 15 years.

7 floats can be disassembled at any time, reassembled, changed the platform many times, and assembled easily (with tools).

On the 8 buoys, there is a patented side pipe on our company, which can take the cable.

The patented pre-embedded screw pontoon allows easy laying of planks on top.

9 If the fixed system is good, it can generally resist 9~10 winds and 7~8 waves.

The disassembly and assembly of the 10 platform is very convenient, and basically no maintenance is required.

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