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Happy The Lantern Festival

2019-02-19 17:16:43

On the full night of the fifteenth month of the first lunar month, lanterns are decorated to make Lantern Festival.

Hanging Lantern: This custom originated from the Eastern Han Dynasty. The Southern and Northern Dynasties have become a common practice. The Tang Dynasty Lantern Festival was set for three days. The first month was from fourteen to sixteen, and the Song Dynasty was changed to five days. In the Ming Dynasty, it was ten days. In the Qing Dynasty, the palace was from the beginning of the small year. Hang the lantern. There is a beautiful legend in the folk hanging lanterns. In ancient times, a hunter shot a god goose. The jade emperor heard the news and was furious. He wanted to avenge the god goose. He was to be burned in the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. The news was reported to people. People decided to hang red lights around the first month of the first lunar month, put fireworks, and see the fire when the soldiers were going to go down. I thought that the fire had already burned up, and I would no longer be in the lower bounds. I would directly pay the jade emperor, and the world would be spared. After that, every household would hang a lantern. Up to now, there are still many lantern festivals in the country on the 15th of the first month. The famous Beijing Beihai Park Lantern Festival, Sichuan Zigong Lantern Festival, Harbin Ice Lantern Festival and so on.



Dragon dance lights: It is said that there was a drought in the Tang Dynasty. The dragon king was wrongly clouded and drowned, and many people in Chang'an were drowned. The Jade Emperor descended on the death of Wei Zheng and killed the Dragon King. After the Dragon King was not scattered, the night was disturbing the palace, frightened. The Tang Wang Li Shimin, then asked the group of ministers, the ministers believed that the dragon king should be overtaken, so the folks had the habit of playing the dragon lanterns. The dragon lamp is generally made of bamboo, colored paper, cloth, etc. The number of knots is singular, and the number of knots is up to several feet. The name of the dragon lamp that can be burned in the festival is called "Bron". During the dragon dance, the lead dancers held the faucet, and dozens of people lifted the wooden sticks that were tightly connected to the dragon body. After that, the whole dragon ran along the prescribed route and queue in the music. The dragon is just like alive, and the folks are pleading for good weather and good harvest.


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