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Floating dock technical parameters

2019-01-04 15:56:24

First, the vertical bearing capacity of the floating dock:

Single layer

The height of the single float is 40cm, consisting of 4 floats per square meter, and the load of 100% per square meter is 350kg.

1. The empty draught is about 2.5~3cm deep;

2. When carrying 230kg, the draught is about 15~20cm deep (safe use);

3. When carrying 350kg, the draught is about 35~40cm deep (load limit).



Double layer

The height of the double-layer pontoon is 80cm, which consists of 8 pontoons per 1 square meter, and the load of 100% per square meter is 640kg.

1. The empty draught is about 3~5cm deep;

2. The draught is about 40~50cm when carrying 460kg (safe use);

3. The draught is about 70-80 cm (load limit) when carrying 700 kg.

Second, the floating terminal level bearing capacity description (single and double layer are the same)

The side of the pontoon is subjected to a horizontal load of 600kgf.

Tonnage of reliable docking vessel displacement at the terminal:

1. Tonnage of vessels displacement <100 tons; (safe use)

2. Tonnage of vessels displacement <220 tons; (limit condition)



<2> Anchoring method of floating dock

1. When the water depth is less than 3 meters, the steel piles are fixed at appropriate positions, and then the piles are connected by roller carriages, which can prevent the floating dock from traversing left and right, and can automatically rise and fall with the water level.

2. When the water depth is more than 3 meters, it is recommended to fix the bottom of the water by the anchor anchor and the anchoring method of the cross-traction of the steel cable.

<3> The combined water platform uses a relatively strong HMWHDPE (high molecular weight high-density synthetic material) and adds various chemical additives such as antistatic agents, antioxidants, anti-UV agents, etc. The material has good weather resistance and impact resistance, and the life of the float body under normal use is more than 15 years.

1. Temperature: From -60 ° C to ≤ 80 ° C is the normal working environment of our platform.

2, strong weather resistance: anti-UV, anti-freeze, anti-sea water, chemical agents, oil stains and other erosion.

<4> The composition of the pontoon and the installation of the corresponding fittings and iron parts are determined according to the amount of the project. Generally, the normal construction can be completed within 3 days within 500 square meters, and the daily life of 500 square meters to 1000 square meters is 7 days. (The above-mentioned time does not include the anchoring works, side bridges, boarding rails, railings and other iron fittings of floating docks; the above projects should be finalized 20 days in advance, and then the design drawings issued by our company are made to order.)

Water surface wind wave 2-3 level for safe use

Water surface waves can be used within 3-5 levels, but safety protection must be strengthened to prevent tourists from slipping.

The water surface is 5-8 levels for extreme use (not recommended for boats to berth and tourists to get on and off)


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