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A practical case study of Floating Solar PV Systems for sewage treatment plants

2019-02-16 14:56:55

          A practical case study of Floating Solar PV Systems for sewage treatment plants.Advantages of Floating Solar PV Systems: abundant land resources.The water treatment plant has a large area of water treatment pool, and the installation of solar photovoltaic panels on the water treatment plant has a unique spatial advantage. It can be used for the secondary development and utilization of the land occupied by the water treatment plant with a wide area, which can play the role of intensive land use and achieve the effect of comprehensive utilization of land.

          Energy intensive industries.Sewage treatment plants and water supply plants have a high electricity load, which is a big energy consumer, and operate continuously for 24 hours, with stable load. The power generated by Floating Solar PV Systems can be consumed by the electricity load of water treatment plants, in line with the "spontaneous self-use" mode.In the direct production cost of the water treatment plant, the electricity consumption accounts for more than 30% of the cost, and there is a strong demand for cost reduction and efficiency improvement. The combination of photovoltaic and water treatment and the implementation of contract energy management can further reduce the cost of sewage and tap water treatment.

          Good stability.Sewage and tap water treatment facilities are public infrastructure, with long land use life and low risk of shutdown. Compared with other types of urban building roof development, they have better investment stability.

          Address the domain's own stamping needs.Due to the process requirements of some water treatment pools, algae growth needs to be restrained by capping. Therefore, the construction of a grid above the pool surface is in line with the capping requirements of the pools.

          Sewage, water treatment plant construction Floating Solar PV Systems has the advantages of intensive land use, spontaneous self-use, high power load, local consumption, good stability, good financing environment, and perfect combination with the water treatment plant production process.

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